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Online Video Poker

This is where we delve into the promise of the future. A real Video Poker game you can play from home, instead of after an expensive plain ride to the desert. Well, real gambling has been available online since 1996, so it's not such a futuristic idea.

All of the ad's you see on Fat Tony's site are for real money casinos that allow you to wager and win. All of them offer Video Poker in one form or another. Many will offer full pay machines, but only of the house advantage variety. Your best bet is to find a full pay Jacks or Better online Video Poker game for real cash.

Basically, the reason Vegas can offer a mix of part and full-pay Video Poker machines and the online world can't, is because there is no possible way to automate playing in a casino, but you could automate your online Video Poker play.

Of course, this makes sense. I could program a computer to act like a player at the online casino, and make it always follow perfect strategy. This means on a player advantage machine, I could set up my virtual gambler and let it run continuously, constantly building a little bit of profit.