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There's Always More

Video Poker variations take over
Turns out Video Poker is popular. So popular in fact the public always wants more. Just like their Slot Machine cousin, Video Poker machine come in a huge variety of game-types and styles. Unlike Slot Machines though, more than just the pretty colors and pictures change. Video Poker variations often have pay-schedule variations that go along with them.

Triple Play Video Poker
One of many variations on the game, Triple Play Video Poker (or sometimes just called Triple Play Poker) simply allows players to play three hands at the same time and put as many as five coins on each hand. You're shown three poker hands, two covered, one face up. The covered hands are exactly the same as your visible hand, and when you choose a card to hold from your hand, the same card will be uncovered on the other cards. When you have fully discarded and you draw, each hand gets different cards (from different decks). You are then paid off on each individual hand.

Deuces Go Wild
The wonderful world of wildcards. Deuces Wild Video Poker is fun, even more fun than most Video Poker games. Don't ask me why but wildcards are just plain fun. You get bigger, more exciting hands, mini-jackpots on four deuces and in the case of a full pay Deuces Wild Video Poker game, you also get a return percentage of 100.76%! The downside is that the game is quite volatile compared to its Jacks or Better cousin. Full pay machines though are quite hard to find outside of Nevada.

Progressive Video Poker
Progressive jackpots aren't just for the slots hounds anymore! In Video poker, progressive machines contribute towards the 'jackpot' payoff for a royal flush (or whatever happens to be the top hand). Usually the progressive network is a handful of machines in the same casino, whereas progressive slots can have networks spanning right across the country.

Online Video Poker
This is where we delve into the promise of the future. A real Video Poker game you can play from home, instead of after an expensive plain ride to the desert. Well, real gambling has been available online since 1996, so it's not such a futuristic idea.